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ACTIVITIES --   There is so much to see and do in Maui .  We want you to enjoy your Hawaii vacations whether you stay with us or in one of the other Maui vacation rentals or even  one of the Maui Hotels.  So we have listed some of the things, basically anything you might want to do out of doors, like visit the famous Maui beaches!

ART -- Local artists display their wares on weekends under the Banyon tree on Front Street in Lahaina.  It is sponsored by the Lahaina Arts Society.  Sometimes the artists will display in the Cannery Mall during the day.  The Lahaina Arts Society is headquartered in the old jail right next to the Banyan tree.  It is open during the week and has lots of local artists displayed there.  We try to avoid the bigger galleries because somehow spending several hundred dollars for a litho just doesn't seem worth it.  There are plenty of galleries on Front Street though and just about any artist you may want is probably represented.  Another good place to check is Pictures Plus if you want a litho or even some originals.  They are located next to Hilo Hatties in the Lahaina Center.

BEACHES --  Maui is known for its beaches.  There are several we like.    (There should be beach towels in our closet.  The sand can be a mess so please shower off at the beach or downstairs south side of the building or in the pool area.)

The closest is "Airport" beach.  As you head south toward Lahaina on the upper road (the one toward the mountain) it will be your first right past the cane fields.  There is a traffic light and it is across from the Sugar Train depot.  Turn in.  There are bathrooms and a nice big parking lot.  One downside, it can be windy here.

The next closest beach is at Whalers Village.  This is in Ka'anapali proper.  Turn right at the Ka'anapali traffic light (just before the golf bridge over the road and with Luigis on the far corner.) and follow the road around to Whalers Village on the left.  Park in the lot ( see parking section about passes).  Walk through the shopping area to the beach, just past the Hula Grill.  This is a good people watching spot and often on the last Sunday of the month they will have free concerts here.

Our favorite beach is "Canoe"  or Hanakao'o Park.  This is right past the Kaanapali turn in on the right.  There is a small cemetery there.  It is the south end of Ka'anapali beach and what we like about it is that because of the geography, there is a small indentation here letting the water be calmer and the wind softer.  Also a nice spot to snorkel (see below).  The only problem is when leaving, it can be tough to make a left.  Try going right till the civic center and turn around there.

The beach at Kapalua can be very nice too.  Head north on the lower road to Kapalua and you will see a sign to turn in.  Trouble is it is usually windy here and parking is at a premium.

A very nice spot, though it is far away is in Makena.  Polo Beach is that nice secluded beach.  To get there allow about 45 minutes.  Head south back around the West Maui Mountains and take the Kihei turnoff.  Continue south on the upper road, a four lane road to Wailea.  Go till it dead ends and make a right.  Come down the hill and them make a left.  You will come to a weird looking hotel called the Kea Lani. Go to the south side of the hotel make a right and continue on towards the ocean.  Just beyond the hotel is a small road which is sort-of  blacktopped.  Go left on the road this is Makena Road.  About 100 yards up on the right you should see a few cars.  Park and walk through the trees to the beach.  Unfortunately, Polo beach has been discovered and there is a lot of new development around it.

CRAFTS -- When you are driving back from Lahaina, be on the lookout for an arts and crafts show banner on the right side of the street by the Post Office  (just past Cannery Mall).  It operates usually every other Sunday at the civic center and costs a dollar.  There are some excellent crafts there, but some junk too.

GOLF --  There are plenty of golf courses on Maui.  Kapalua (3 courses) 669-8044, Ka'anapali (2 courses) 661-3691 , Wailea  875-5111 or 875-5155  (3 courses) to name a few resort courses. You can call them for fees and tee times. A good public course is Sandalwood in Waikapu (the other side of the West Maui Mountains)  242 4653.  Another is The Dunes at Maui Lani 873 0422.  The Dunes is a links style of course and can be tough, but still a lot of fun.   If you didn't bring your clubs, do NOT rent at the courses.  I made that mistake once to the tune of $50 for the day.  West Maui Sports and Fishing Supply on Front Street in Lahaina has very reasonable day and weekly rentals 661-6252.

HALEAKALA  --  This is a fun trip.  BUT you have to get up awfully early to catch sunrise and it can be very cold.  We suggest doing this the FIRST day. Odds are your body clock will be messed up anyway and you will be up early, so why not use it.  To make it for sunrise, you want to leave  2 and a half to 3 hours BEFORE sunrise.    The price for the park has gone up and we think it is $10 now for your car.  There is a small park station  at the rim.  The summit fills up early, we've never made it up there it's always been full. (We tend to get up too late.)   Of course, for the more adventurous there is always the bike ride down Haleakala.  They will take you up and bring you back.  You probably will have to meet them in Ka'anapali.  To get the forecast for Haleakala call  871-5054.  (see upcountry)

HANA  -- The trip to Hana is a fun journey but be prepared it will take all day to go about 30  miles.  A good time to go is after Haleakala since you are already part way there, or at least on the right side of the island.  The best way to enjoy the trip to Hana is to get a tape to listen to on the way.  There is a booth by the Shell station on Dairy Road (380) which rent the tapes and players, or you can buy one of the tapes at K Mart or one of the ABC Stores.  When you are over there you can jump in the "Seven Sacred Pools" but actually it is Oheo Gulch...nothing sacred about it but some PR person thought it sounded good and the nickname stuck.

LANAI --  This is a nice day trip.  You get the ferry down at the docks in Lahaina.  It costs $50 I think for a round trip.  Pack a lunch (available from Safeway) and use the Styrofoam cooler for something to drink.  The ferry drops you off in Manele Bay, and it is just a short walk up to the beach.  Very nice and calm there by the gorgeous Manele Bay Hotel.  We like it as a getaway.

SNORKELING -- We like the little reef just off of the condo.  Just walk down the stairs on the south end of the building to  the swimming beach and plunge in. Another good spot that is not crowded is at Canoe Beach.  Go to the left of the life guard stand.  Walk about 30 feet from the end of the parking lot and go in there.  It is best at low tide.Mile marker 14  (Olowalo reef)  is ok, but pretty crowded and there are lots of car break ins there...take NOTHING of value.

TURTLE WATCHING -- Honokowai, where we are, is known for its turtles.  We have several who live in the reef in front of the condo.  They are usually active in the early mornings right after dawn.  To see  them look at about 10 o'clock  (12 is straight ahead).  They are usually in the little reef pretty close in to shore.  No more than usually 100 yards out.  You can see their heads break the surface.  They are fun to watch all year long.

UPCOUNTRY -- Once you are up at Haleakala if you don't want to drive all the way to Hana, you may want to spend the day upcountry.  Makawao has some neat artsy shops.  I am not even gonna try to give you directions...just follow the signs and the map. (It is on 37).  A nice spot for a lunch picnic is the Tedeschi Winery.  It is in Ulupalakua about 6 miles past Kula.  There is a wine tasting room at Tedeschi  so you can try it before you buy it.

WHALE WATCHING  --  The whale watching season is November through April.    If they are around, you usually can see them off the lanai.  Just scan the water and be looking for a spout.  Once you see one you'll be able to see them again.   There are also many terrific whale watching trips that leave from Lahaina harbor.

©2001 Frank Seltzer

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